MMI’s client-centric corporate strategy is centred on its core fundamental purpose to enhance the lifetime Financial Wellness of people, their communities and their businesses.

This strategy aims to generate superior returns through leading client experiences and relational value leadership, in terms of the design, integration and management of holistic solutions to client challenges around becoming and staying financially well throughout their lives.

While we remain committed to being competitive in terms of price and quality of products, the key focus of our strategy is on building deep relationships with clients. This will be achieved by being the most competitive in the high-value part of the value chain, namely the integration of highly effective Financial Wellness solutions.

Strategy Map

MMI’s strategy map guides the implementation of our client-centric strategy. We rely on group-wide enablers to support MMI’s strategic focus areas and their related strategic objectives. Our strategic objectives represent what we do to achieve MMI’s client aspirations and through this to ultimately realise our financial aspirations.

Everything we do is in support of living our purpose to enhance the lifetime Financial Wellness of people, their communities and their businesses. Each component of our strategy map has a corresponding balanced scorecard measurement to track implementation progress.

Purpose and vision

MMI’s purpose is to enhance the lifetime Financial Wellness of people, their communities and their businesses. Closely aligned is MMI’s vision for the organisation – to be the preferred lifetime Financial Wellness partner, with a reputation for innovation and trustworthiness.

Client aspirations

In order to be the preferred lifetime Financial Wellness partner, we aspire for our clients to experience MMI’s client-facing brands as:

  • Understanding their needs.
  • Offering value for money.
  • Providing easy-to-use products.
  • Designing innovative solutions.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Investing in the communities where they operate.

Financial aspirations

The successful achievement of our client aspirations will support the realisation of MMI’s financial aspirations. Creating shareholder value is our primary financial aspiration, supported by earnings growth, growth in the value of new business and efficiency improvements. Long-term value creation is measured by MMI’s return on embedded value.

Strategic focus areas

MMI has three strategic focus areas, Client centricity, Growth and Excellence.

Client centricity

Client centricity is the strategic focus area that represents MMI’s core identity. Our first objective in respect of this focus area is improvement in client experience and relationships both of which are measured regularly and have already shown improvement. A further objective to support client centricity is to increase our clients’ Financial Wellness.

Clients who have more insurance products are better equipped to deal with unplanned expenses and are therefore more financially well. Our Multiply wellness and rewards programme will play an important part in this regard. Private Club members of Multiply already have significantly higher cross-product holdings.


Growth remains a critical strategic focus area in the current challenging operating environment. Three strategic objectives underpin this.


Increase value of
existing clients

This strategic growth objective is to increase the value of existing clients. Cross-selling, offering additional products and MMI’s Multiply and rewards programme are key initiatives to advance this objective.


Increase client

MMI’s second growth objective is to increase our client base. Strategic initiatives supporting this objective are segment diversification into the middle income segment, channel growth through increased productivity, creating new distribution channels and corporate transactions.


Grow through

MMI’s International segment seeks to create value outside of South Africa, with a focus on the rest of Africa, India and the United Kingdom.


MMI’s third strategic focus area is Excellence. Our focus is on excellent delivery of the client-centric promises we make to clients, as well as on efficiency in delivery.


The successful realisation of MMI’s client-centric strategy relies on four key enablers.

A world-class data analytics capability that enables the proactive creation of customised and superior client experiences for all our clients.

Flexible and modular systems that take advantage of ongoing technology advances.

A collaborative, client-centric and innovative culture that supports MMI’s strategy.

Innovation as a key principle of the way in which we do business.