Building a unified MMI culture

At MMI we have a values-based culture that we call our MMI Way and it defines the way we work. We anchor the MMI Way in our purpose of enhancing the lifetime Financial Wellness of people, their communities and their businesses, and we put our clients at the centre of what we do. The MMI Way brings our values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, diversity, innovation and excellence to life through the behaviours we strive for. These behaviours are always defined in the context of our interdependent operating model and in the way we interact with our clients and colleagues.

Although a corporate culture is driven by leadership, it is the actions and interactions of every employee that shape our shared culture.

Talent management

We acknowledge that having the right skills and competencies is a competitive advantage in an industry where service excellence is a key differentiator.

We therefore believe in ongoing development of our employees and in creating a platform where learning and skills advancement are prioritised. Furthermore, we also recognise the need for different development strategies to upskill our diverse employee base. Our people development strategies aim to support MMI in meeting our vision and purpose of being client centric. In addition, our people development objectives advance the group’s commitment to transformation.

We are currently implementing a group-wide talent management framework, which is aimed at driving consistency in the attraction, selection, development and retention of our employees. Key talent practices such as the use of consistent assessment practices for different levels were enhanced, thereby ensuring that our recruitment processes are based on objective information and are culturally fair.

Through our talent-management strategies, the group drives the retention and deployment of key talent through various recognition and reward programmes. Our reward philosophy is aimed at acknowledging excellent performance and career advancement for our skilled workforce. The group is working on initiatives such as the talent mobility strategy to advance the development of our employees through deployment to short, medium and long-term assignments across the group. The talent mobility strategy also enhances cross-functional and cross-segmental learning opportunities.

Leadership Development

Leaders are key to the success of MMI. To achieve success, it is important that we not only have the right people in leadership roles, but that we also constantly develop and grow our leaders. We leverage both internal and external leadership programmes to expand the competencies of our leaders. MMI has a defined and focused approach to leadership development that spans across junior to executive leadership levels. In addition to the group programmes, we run internal leadership programmes specific to our junior management leaders. Those with potential to operate at the MMI executive level are selected to attend our esteemed executive programme.

Number of employees

30 June 2016

Indoor staff

10 077


Momentum Retail

1 360

Metropolitan Retail

1 215

Corporate and Public Sector

1 019


1 295

Centres of Excellence

Investments and Savings Solutions


Legacy Solutions


Life Insurance Solutions


Health Solutions

2 591

Products and Solutions


Short-term Insurance Solutions




Group services divisions


Field staff

7 483

Momentum Retail

1 111

Metropolitan Retail

4 804


1 568

Total 2016

17 560

Total 2015

17 239